AA Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is the entry-level AA breakdown cover, it provides Roadside assistance anywhere in the UK mainland as long as you are at least a quarter of a mile from your registered home address. If you should breakdown and have to call the AA, their average callout time is around 40 minutes and of the cars fixed at the roadside, they claim an average time to fix your car of around 30 minutes or.

Roadside assistance only includes the AA patrols Labour costs and not any labour costs once your car has been towed to a local garage or any parts needed. If your car cannot be fixed at the roadside the AA patrolman will tow your car, you and up to 7 passengers to a local garage of the AA’s choice.

What you are covered for – AA roadside cover

  • A breakdown on the highway more than a quarter of a mile from your home address
  • AA patrolman’s labour costs
  • A tow to a local garage

What you’re not covered for – AA roadside cover

  • The cost of any spare parts, keys, oil or petrol/diesel or in fact any materials required to repair your.
  • The cost of labour other than the AA patrols.
  • Additional transport costs you may incur once you have been towed to a local repairer.
  • Any costs for recovery or a tow following an accident.
  • Routine maintenance and running repairs.
  • Assistance following a breakdown or accident that is attended by any emergency service until the service concerned authorises the vehicles removal. Should they insist on recovery by third-party the AA will not cover the costs.
  • A second recovery once your vehicle has been recovered to local garage.

The AA may refuse service if:

  • You breakdown with the same or similar cause to one that was attended by the AA in the previous 28 days.
  • You are not with your vehicle at the time of breakdown or not there when the AA patrol arrives.
  • In the opinion of the AA patrolman, your vehicle prior to breakdown was unsafe, overladen, dangerous or unlawful to use on a public road.
  • In the AA’s opinion, there has been an unreasonable amount of time in reporting the breakdown.
  • You cannot produce your AA membership card or receipt and some other form of identification.
  • In assisting you the AA patrol is put in danger or is in breach of the AA’s health and safety guidelines.
  • In assisting you the AA patrol is in breach of the law.
  • The AA patrol considers that you or any of your passengers is behaving in a threatening way, and abusive way or has behaved in an unacceptable way towards an AA patrol, agent or any third party contractor.
  • The AA patrol believes you have misrepresented who you are and what services you are entitled to.
  • The AA patrol believes you have helped another person in obtaining AA breakdown cover that they are not entitled to.

AA Roadside assistance options

The cheapest AA Roadside cover will cover your vehicle only, you will need to supply the AA with the vehicle details then that vehicle will be covered regardless of who is driving it. Other more expensive options include:

  • Personal cover, allowing you to drive any car while being covered.
  • J oint cover, personal cover for two people living at the same address.
  • Family cover for three, personal cover for three people living at the same address.
  • Family cover for four, personal cover for four people living at the same address.

Other breakdown cover options

AA Roadside assistance is included with all other membership options, should you wish to extend your cover for home and within the first quarter mile of home you can add at home breakdown cover, if you want your vehicle recovered anyone other than to a local garage you can add breakdown recovery and if you want the option to continue your journey should you breakdown you can select the onward travel option. All these are added on to your basic AA Roadside cover, however, if you want cover while you are outside of the UK but still within Europe you can take out European breakdown cover either as a stand alone product or an addition to your AA UK breakdown cover.

For further details of AA breakdown cover we suggest you visit www.breakdowncover.co.uk for the latest AA offers and to compare AA, RAC and green flag membership deals.


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